Strategic Corporate Diplomacy: Building Excellence Through Branding and Communication- PR 5002

11 Mar 24-22 Mar 24 (Accra, Ghana), 24 Jun 24-28 Jun 24 (London, UK), 14 Oct 24-25 Oct 24 (Dubai, UAE),

Course Overview

    Entrepreneurs have come to realize that effective corporate branding with effective communication can go a long way in maintaining the image of the business, engaging new prospects, retaining existing clients and elevating the credibility of their business. This programme is designed for CEO’s, senior managers, heads of corporate affairs department, marketing executives, public relations experts or anyone tasked with maintaining the corporate image of an organization and effecting positive changes.


Learning Outcome

    • Creating strategic sustainable communication in an organization
    • Building and developing effective brand
    • Building a unique corporate culture
    • Projecting the organization to the professional world
    • Effective communication that reflects your corporate branding
    • Team building, management and retention
    • Leading for change and diversity
    • Personal Brand-Traditional versus today’s strategies
    • Acquire new tools for better management of financial and non- financial resources
    • Skills in strategic and competitive thinking


Indicative Contents

    • The corporate organization and its environment—positioning, reputation and strategy
    • Effective branding strategies for excellence
    • Communicating your corporate brand to capture target market
    • Creating corporate identity and identification
    • Corporate reputation and reputation management
    • Corporate governance and diplomacy
    • Corporate branding using traditional strategies and social media
    • Corporate branding using public relations and community relations
    • Strategic thinking and leadership
    • Interpreting and influencing public opinion
    • Strategic brand identity analysis—SWOT Assessment


More Detail
Duration This is a two-week programme spread over 10 working days.
Certification A certificate of completion is issued on successful completion of the programme.
Location (Accra, Ghana), (London, UK), (Dubai, UAE)
Travel and accommodation Travel and accommodation to be paid for at source by delegates.

London: £6,250.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 2 weeks. Dubai: $8,000.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 2 weeks Accra: $8,000.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate for 2 weeks.